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"My Town" BOM Stitch-a-Long

This is a for-fun blog, and I'd love for you to join me.

I'm going to be doing the new Homespun Magazine 2011 BOM called "My Town" which will support the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia. The first block is in Homespun 12.3. I'd also like to thank Homespun Magazine for allowing me to use their images for this blog.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Almost there

 Today I have sewn 63 buttons onto the blocks that need them. I am quilting this myself using the modular quilting technique ( Mocha quilt by Deb Layt) and am quite pleased with the end results. I aim to have it done by Jan so it can be given as a 21st present to my daughter's friend.The school house I changed a bit.
 The florist shop I didn't use felt so lots of buttons.
 my centre block courtesy of "Matilda's Station" quilt.
 The tea house which would be my favourite block. Yeah nearly done. I hope some others have taken as long as me to finish this!!!
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Susan said...

Your blocks look great. I started 4 blocks of this quilt - when it was first published and it was on my "to Do"list last year - it didn't happen - so its on this years list. I have been working on it over the Christmas break. I still have a lot of the embroidering to do - every time I look I realise there is even more . Anyway, its good to see some activity here - it helps me to keep going . . .
Looking forward to the completed quilt being shown,

Raewyn said...

It is great to see you getting to this stage with this quilt!! Nice to see how you have adapted it to suit your own taste. I have stalled on mine but would like to get back to it again at some stage!

Show and Tell said...

I was going great guns with mine but it has been a UFO for over 12 months.....I must get back to it!!!!

Just Ramblin' said...

There is a lot of work to these blocks, but they are lovely. I really like accenting with buttons. They add so much. Good luck with it all. Nola